About the project

Game center Platform - Play to earn Games - Staking - Swap

One of a kind game center platform for gamers around the world, where you can find most popular games for Android/IOS/Windows platforms, . Gather your own groups and followers. Promote your own games.

A play to earn games and casual games will be developed by us for you to enjoy and share with your friends.

Swap - swap your game tokens to MPC with out a problem and vise versa. swap will be available to any play to ear game that we develop and publish

Staking - Stake your extra tokens for additional income

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Why Invest in us

Mad production project is your next BSC moonshot. It has all the required ingredients for success. Unique Tokenomics will provide passive income and ensure steady growth.

Game center, play to earn games and swap platform will add further utility. There is so much room to grow since after one game there will be continuous development of new games and improving existing games. It has the potential of a 1000X token which will change the BSC space.

Taxes have been kept where the project will be self-sustaining and yet it doesn’t put any burden on the holders.

REWARDS tokens have been proved to literally kill the chart so we took the old school approach with the airdrops and fees. It means our long term holders will get passive income but not at the cost of red candles.

Mad Production is destined for a huge success. The committed team of professionals behind the project are all experts in their fields and driven by common passion to deliver 200% for the project.

Strongest sides of the project

Low transaction fee

Total 12% fee

Holder Reward

5% reward to holders from transaction fees


Locked for 8 years:
2% Liquidity fee


5% Charity fee


All other tokens are locked or in liquidity.

Team vested tokens

Vested tokens will be used for game currency, staking, Swap and token burns

Strong team

Team with many years of experience in programing, engineering, marketing and economics


Development of the project has already started.


* Token Name: Mad Production

* Network: Binance smart chain bep-20

* Token Symbol: MPC

* Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 MPC

* Token for presale: 700,000,000 MPC

* Team vested tokens over time: 300,000,000 MPC

* Liquidity: 3000 days lock (8 years)

Transaction FEES:-

* Charity - 5% (Saving endangered animals)

* Holder Reward fee - 5% (Distributed to holders)

* Liquidity Fee - 2% (Locked liquidity increase)

Meet our team at Mad Production

Ergash Ibragimov

CEO CFO (Co-founder)

Dilnaza Iuldasheva

Marketing Manager (Co-founder)

Bagdat Akbiyeva

Project manager (Co-founder)

Vladislav Kirillov

Lead Engineer (Co-founder)

Gizat Uteyev

Lead Developer (Co-founder)

Roadmap to success

Website Design
Telegram Channel
Charity Fund Redclub.io Launch
Android/IOS Game Development
Token Presale
Games published
Staking platform
Game Center website
Swap platform
P2E Game development
Pancakeswap listing
50,000 Token holders
500,000 users in-game
Tier-1 Exchange listing


How many games are you planing to publish?

we are planning on 15 games total for Android/IOS/windows and 3 play to earn games, 1 action game, 1 adventure game, 1 idle mining game.

Will the game center website be a market place or promotion website for games?

The game center will be promotion website for games, where we will include our games, popular games that already exist and possibility for individual to publish their own games for promotion.

How much is it going to cost to publish games in Game center?

Its going to be free.

Will the MPC token have usage?

Yes it will, it will be the main token that will connect all play to earn games that we publish with its native currency.

Will the ownership of token be renounced?

Yes, it will be, after presale and when everything is set for live trading ownership will be renounced

What is the maximum sale and buy fee?

Maximum fee will be 12%.